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Hi, I'm Gayle

My Story

Like many hard-working Australians, I was dealt a challenging life. At the young age of 22 I was left on my own with a toddler who had significant health issues and a newborn baby. I had lost my home and had no job. A human basic need is to feel secure with a roof over your head. I knew nothing about finance and had no way of securing a home for myself and my two babies.

The Man Who Changed My Life Forever

I met a lawyer named Michael who changed my life. He could see my determination and potential and set out to secure me a job and a home. He knew I had grown up in a household with 5 brothers and had developed many household labouring skills that would make me a great home renovator. He helped me finance my first property and with his contacts, secured me a sales rep job that I could do with my boys in tow. This was my chance.

My Professional History

Where It All Started

I worked tirelessly for 12 months renovating my first property and at the same time became one of the first female sales reps in NZ. Hard work, sweat and tears enabled me to sell that first home for a profit. With Michael’s continued advice I flipped a further 4 properties until finally, with that fifth property I owned my own home.

From Real Estate Agent to Mortgage Broker

With my experience in buying and selling property I eventually became a Real Estate Agent. I was good because I listened to people and could spot a renovator’s delight. It made me happy to sell someone their dream home, but it made me sad when others were rejected by the banks and had nowhere else to go for a loan. It was this that inspired me to become an independent mortgage broker. I wanted to help others the way Michael had helped me.

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Our Vision

Is Our Goal

Home Funders Australia changes lives, restores hope and gives families a house to come home to. It’s a unique business, funded by the owner and has no competition in Australia. Our goal is to give hope to those that have given up on owning their own homes but also, to pay forward to others what was given all those years ago to a young mother with nothing but her determination and hope.
Gayle Copeland
image of Gayle Copeland, owner of Home Funders Australia, shaking hands with a happy client

Home Funders ~ Dollars At Work

A Housing Revolution

I became an independent mortgage broker with direct accreditation. This means I’ve sat exams and complied with very strict conditions such as having an Australian Credit License and a Certificate Four in Financial Planning. I’ve passed exams including Anti Money Laundering and belong to Associations such as FBAA and have a clear Police record and Credit File.

We Do Things Differently

I’ve set up two companies – Dollars At Work, our mortgage arm and Home Funders Australia, the company that brings it all together. Two companies with one goal. Our team can proudly say “we do business differently”.

image of Gayle Copeland, owner of Home Funders Australia, showing clients data on her laptop
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